Nature`s I.Q. 
Smart Animals Challenge Darwin


Camera Crew

Akos Rozsa – DP 

His career  began in high school broadcasting. As a teen he worked for local television on a weekly live program.  As an independent cameraman, he has shot and edited many documentaries.  He has been working for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, where he has also been producing a weekly show for the American-Hungarian population. He has also worked with the correspondent anchor of the Hungarian National Television assigned to New York, covering events live, including the American 2008 presidential election.

Denes Doboveczki DP 

He has been working as a cinematographer since 1986. In 1993, he established his own company. He has worked for the largest TV channels in Hungary (M1, RTL-Klub, TV2, TV Deko, TV Paprika), for German channels, such as Pro Sieben Television, SAM and TAFT, as well as for several other international  networks. He is the director of photography of about five hundred documentaries, news program, talk-shows and other TV-programs. He was nominated for the award of best cinematographer in Hungary two times.


Arpad Vikarius – DP

He has a B.A. in Culture History and a certificate in videography. He has worked as DP for many local, national and international television channels and independent documentary productions in many European countries. He has shot daily news, reality shows, and different types of entertainment programs. Most recently, he has been involved in an international travel show, shot in Israel, Turkey and Spain.

Arpad Vikarius dressed up to face the bees
Shooting close ups on the honeybees